Hello from Moon Child Creative!

Art is where magic happens.

Balancing a crazy life filled with three kids, an Australian shepherd, and a quirky imaginary raccoon (more on this another day), art is the undercurrent that adds imagination to my every day life.

AJ Filopoulos

Meet AJ

When the moon is full, and something astrological is in something else astrological, AJ's creative spirit comes alive.

With a quirky sense of humour and drawn to things magical/spiritual, AJ strives to bring a sense of fun, wonder, and enchantment to her work. Born on the cusp of rebirth (and far more Pisces than Aries), AJ works best when challenging herself with various mediums and different art features, leading her to create a diverse portfolio, with traditional mediums like watercolour or gouache counter balancing her modern work of digital illustration and graphic design.

AJ is the creator of the Bombshell portraits (now available at www.thebombshells.ca) and her work has been featured by Buzzfeed and The Birds Papaya.

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